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Aqua Terra Therapy Services

treatments designed for you

Baqia is known for customizing therapeutic massage treatments to meet the needs and goals of each client. Her whole-person-focused approach includes both earth and water specialties:


WATSU® Aquatic Bodywork

A therapeutic water massage based upon the age-old principles of Zen Shiatsu. In a Watsu session, the recipient is supported while being floated in warm water. Flowing movements and gentle stretching permit the release of tension and rebalance the energy of the whole body. Deep relaxation allows for a feeling of peace and the union of body, heart and spirit.

Therapeutic Water Exercise

A specialized approach using exercises in the water for rehabilitation and to assist individuals with various physical dysfunctions.


  • Energetic Healing Techniques include Reiki and Chakra Balancing
  • Swedish Massage for relaxation and stress relief
  • Deep Tissue Massage for release of deep muscle tension and stiffness
  • Forearm Flow, a rhythmic deep healing experience
  • Lymphatic Therapy for treatment of specific health conditions
  • Reflexology Treatments for hands and feet
  • Prenatal Massage to honor the specific needs of the mother throughout the childbearing year
  • Shiatsu moves energy through the meridians of the body
  • On-site Seated Chair Massage available in the community (workplaces, schools, hospitals, retirement communities, special events, etc.). Healing is coming your way with the unique Pisces Productions® Dolphin Massage Chair

Gift certificates are always available.